BESTARD ASALTO Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort


BESTARD ASALTO Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort.
Combat” boot created and designed in Spain to cover the most basic needs of military personnel and professional law enforcement officers who carry out their activity in the most extreme climates and terrain, with humidity, cold and snow.
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BESTARD ASALTO Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort

Combat" boot created and designed in Spain to cover the most basic needs of military personnel and professional law enforcement officers who carry out their activity in the most extreme climates and terrain, with humidity, cold and snow.

Professional Line :: Uniform
Upper Water-Repellent Full Grain Leather and SuperFabric®
GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort lining
Last Europe
Insole Bestflex 1 / Super Flexible
Vibram® Cube Pro Sole
Weight 1,475 grams / pair (UK size 8) Water-repellent Full Grain Leather and SuperFabric®
Full Grain Leather
It is the outer part of cowhide, it is highly resistant and durable. On the upper part of the leather the fibers are tightly bound, making the Full Grain Leather more consistent and water resistant.

Our Full Grain Leather has been subjected to a special water-repellent treatment, which in combination with the Gore-Tex® lining, provides complete waterproofing while maintaining the breathability properties of the boot.
SuperFabric® is a fusion between lightweight technical fabrics covered by tiny armor plates. Despite the hardness of this armor, the spaces between each plate allow total flexibility of the material; providing SuperFabric® with a wide range of high-performance properties, such as durability, breathability, stain resistance, quick drying, reduced weight, etc.
GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort

Durable waterproofing and breathability
Optimal climatic comfort:
For moderate temperatures
For a wide variety of outdoor activities
Moderate insulation for adequate heat retention
GORE-TEX® Guarantee of waterproofing and breathability.

Bestard was the first Spanish brand, and one of the first in the world, to incorporate Gore-Tex linings in mountain boots. Thanks to close collaboration between W.L. Gore and Bestard throughout these 20 years, we have managed to manufacture boots that offer a unique combination of, on the one hand, durable waterproofing, and on the other, effective evacuation of moisture created inside the boot.

The secret to achieving an optimal result is in a combination that is difficult to achieve: on the one hand the use of the Gore-Tex lining itself, and on the other the selection of materials with high performance features (leathers, fabrics, supports, sponges, etc. ), as well as a careful and meticulous way of manufacturing the boot.

The Gore-Tex® lining is a system in itself, the main part of which is a stretched PTFE membrane, whose surface consists of millions of microscopic pores that gives it excellent breathability. The pores are large enough to allow vapor molecules that are created inside the boot (sweat) to pass through, but at the same time small enough to prevent water molecules (rain, snow, etc.) from passing through, making it waterproof.

The complete lining is made up of different functional layers, which protect the membrane, contribute to a long life of the inner lining, good absorption and evacuation of sweat, etc. Thanks to the different functional layers of the lining, there are different lining variants. Gore-Tex, all waterproof and breathable. Last Europe
Standard medium/medium-high width last.
The human foot is a complicated work of engineering, creating an infinite number of different sizes and shapes, which makes the task of designing and manufacturing a single boot that fits everyone difficult. For this reason, at Bestard we try, as far as possible, to respect the differences in feet, using a series of different lasts, each of them very well studied so that each one serves a wide variety of morphologies.Palmilla Bestflex 1 / Super Flexible
This being our most flexible insole, we use it for lightweight shoes designed for the comfort of light use, in off-road environments where a more rigid insole is needed, such as travel, hiking or urban use.
The level of stiffness of a boot depends largely on the manufacturing template.

We use six Bestflex mounting insoles, made of different materials, which provide the boots with five different levels of flexibility and rigidity, each one ideal for its specific activity.

The insoles that are marked with a '+P®' in the catalog technical sheets are also covered with PORON® Performance throughout the entire insole, which guarantees high energy return and excellent shock absorption throughout the life of the insole. the boot (see more information: PORON® Performance)Vibram® Cube Pro
Construction Type: Hull

Material type: "Professional" component Rubber + PU

Type of uses:
Sports - Trekking&Hiking
Industrial - Work and Safety
Industrial - Law Enforcement and Military

Features of the VIBRAM® Cube Pro sole:

HRO (Contact Heat Resistant)
FO (Hydrocarbon Resistant)
High profile for better protection

Large contact area of the toe for better grip on the surface

PU midsole for better shock absorption and cushioning

Raised squared lugs to improve traction on uneven and dirty surfaces.

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